A provocation* was set up in the nursery and babies’ room this week. The provocation included a tray full of sand from our sand pit from outside, and some cars from our toddler’s room.

This experience allowed the children to foster their imaginations to initiate their own ideas as they explored through play.

Our younger babies used their hands to explore the sand, grabbing handfuls of sand and releasing their closed hand and watching the sand fall back into the tray. Our older babies used the cars using their fine and gross motor skills to push the cars along the sand which created tracks.

The children explored the wheels on the cars as they pulled the cars from the sand tray using their fingers to move the wheels dusting the sand off before dipping the car back into the sand tray.

Throughout this experience the children started to build on their social emotional development, as they started to form small groups to explore the provocation together.

*Provocations encourage children to think independently. We encourage your child’s interests and their exploration of those interests. When not overly guided by a teacher, children often experience the world in a more natural way.